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The Trafalgar range of 1/700 scale ship models have been designed to produce as accurate a reproduction of the ships of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars as possible. All the models have been built using the original plans in the National Maritime Museum in London, the Musee de la Marine in Paris, the Museo Maritimo in Madrid and the National Archives in the USA. Each model is sold in kit form and comprises, resin or metal cast hull, masts, spars, boats, frames, anchors, poop decks (where applicable) and brass etched ratlines. Not included are flags, baseboard, glue, paint or thread for rigging.

We are immensely grateful to David Marshall of TM Terrain ( for loaning his made-up models of this range to enable us to produce pictures for our site. Not all the pictures are necessarily of the exact model listed but is similar so that we can give an idea of how the model may look when completed.