MT64 Essex


Essex 32 gun frigate.  Like most American frigates was quite large for her rate.  Surrendered in 1814 after conflict with Phoebe 36 and Cherub an 18 gun sloop in Valparaiso.  Kit is cast in white metal and comes with etched brass ratlines, assembly instructions and sail template.  Etched brass sails are available as an optional extra, see MTC06.

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The  Essex, designed by William Hackett, built at  Salem, she was launched in 1799 and was a large frigate for her rate.  In 1812 under the command of David Porter she caused havock among the British whaling fleet in the Pacific but it was in 1814 when her exit from Valparaiso was blocked by the British frigate Phoebe 36 and Cherub an 18 gun sloop that she lost her main top mast and suffered a 45  minute bombardment before surrendering.