MT122 HMS Pickle

MT122 HMS Pickle


HMS Pickle has a resin cast hull and a spru of white metal cast masts and spars.   Also included in the kit is a set of paper sails, a small anchor and small boat.


Probably the best known schooner of Napoleonic times as she was selected by Admiral Collingwood, Commander in chief of the British fleet at Trafalgar following the death of Admiral Nelson, to take despatches to the Admiralty  in London informing of the huge victory at Trafalgar and also giving news of the death of Nelson from wounds received during the battle.

Pickle’s captain was John Lapenotiere, for his mission he was promoted to Commander and soon after made  post of captain.  He was also given a reward of £500 (5 times his current salary at the time).  This was just reward as he made good time despite violent storms which nearly sank Pickle when her pumps blocked and the crew were forced to bail the ship using hand buckets.

HMS Pickle was built in Bermuda, purchased by the British navy and was eventually lost by being wrecked off the Spanish coast in 1808.  She captured a French privateer (Favorite) in 1807.



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