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We now more than half our ships available with resin hulls : HMS Victory, Agamemnon, Royal Sovereign, Temeraire, Euryalus, Bellerophon, Revenge, Terror, Privateer, Pickle, Africaine, Redoutable, Santissima Trinidad, Principe de Asturias, Monarca, Chesapeake, Constitution, San Lorenzo, Santa Leocarda and a West Indiaman merchant vessel. The other models in the range are still available but in metal until we have finally replaced them all with resin models. This has enabled us to adjust the price of each kit and also re-configure the contents. Kits for each ship are now priced at £24.00 regardless of whether the hulls are metal or resin. Another way of reducing the price of the kits has been to make the etched brass sails an optional extra. Each kit contains a hull, set of masts, spars, bowsprit, furled sails, frame where applicable, lifeboats, poop deck where applicable, ratlines, anchors, assembly instructions and sails template. The etched brass sails are available in our Components section.

We are immensely grateful to David Marshall of TM Terrain ( for loaning his made-up models of this range to enable us to produce pictures for our site. David is a very skilled model maker – do take a look at his site!