• Triton quays – re-introduced

    We have re-introduced some of the Triton metal cast quays; why not take a look at TB53, TB54, TB55 and TB56.  All are classed as high tide being approx 4mm deep.  We have also added TB1A to accompany TB1.  This pack contains 2 quay pieces cast in resin 100mm x 20mm x 7mm and are classed as low tide.  Illustration shows TB56, selection of quay corners and end quays.

  • South West Ship Show 2018

    Time flies doesn’t it?  South West Ship Show again and  in a new venue!  We shall be there with our usual products and we are launching a new range in the 1/700 scale of models.  Not yet on our website as the first item will be showcased at the show and all being well, will be available online next week.  See you at BAWA on Saturday!


  • South West Ship Show 2018

    Time flies, soon be the South West Ship Show again – and a new venue again this year!  The date is the 28 April  at the BAWA Social Club, Southmead Road, Bristol, BS34 7RG.  The show will open at 10 am and close at 4 pm, so there is ample time to pay us  a visit, looking forward to seeing you all.

  • Theale Mini Ship Show 2018

    We shall be at the Theale Mini Ship Show again this year so put the 18 March in your diary and come along, we look forward to seeing you.  Venue is the Village Hall in Theale, RG7 5AS

  • South West Ship Show 2017

    We shall be attending the South West Ship Show this coming Saturday 22 April 2017.  If you are planning to come, please remember it is at a new venue; Gordano School Community  Trust Sports Centre,  St Mary’s Road, Portishead, BS20 7QR.  Looking forward to seeing lots of you there!

  • Triton 1/1250 New York Harbour Piers -New items!

    We have just added three new models in this range:  NY7, NY8 and NY9.  The most famous New York piers -see our NY1-6 were the huge piers used by the iconic superliners.  However, most of the many piers that served New York had more modest dimensions whilst still being quite impressive.  These piers were used by merchant liners and cargo ships to discharge their loads.  The three piers introduced are typical of these smaller piers and not only served New York but were built in all large seaports worldwide.  Our models are cast in resin, measure 139mm x 39mm and are available painted and unpainted (£25.00 and £15.00 respectively).

  • Meridian Trafalgar 1/700 range

    We posted the news a little while ago about three of our ships being available in resin cast hulls: HMS Victory, HMS Royal Soveriegn, HMS Agamemnon.  We now have Redoutable available with plans to introduce more as soon as possible.

  • Meridian Trafalgar 1/700 range

    We now have our first three ships available with resin cast hulls :  HMS Victory, Agamemnon and  Royal Sovreign.  This has enabled us to adjust the price of each kit and also re-configure the contents.    Kits for each ship are now priced at £24.00 regardless of whether the hulls are metal or resin; as metal hull stocks reduce they will be replaced with resin models.  Another way of reducing the price of the kits has been to make the etched brass sails an optional extra.  Each kit comes with assembly instructions and sails template.  The brass sails are available in our Components section.

  • Brand new range: Thetis 3000

    We have a brand new range called Thetis 3000.  This is a range of harbour modules cast in resin and offered unpainted in a 1/3000 scale.  This will enable modellers and wargamers to create small bases or larger harbours.  Our modules can be used taped together for temporary harbours in table top games or glued to thick card for more parmanent models.  More models will be added over the next few months, we would welcome your ideas for new modules and will if possible add them to future releases.

  • New items for Triton 1/1250 harbour range

    See our latest items; TB68 – TB72, include a bowstring girder bridge, viaduct, girder span, bowstring girder span and bridge supports.

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