HB03 Hoboken pier Holland America Line

HB03 Hoboken pier Holland America Line


Cast in resin, this Hoboken pier is painted and comes in two parts; the main section measures 26cm x 6.8cm x 2.3cm at highest point.  The additional smaller unit measures 6cm x 4cm x 2.4cm at highest point, all dimensions are approximate and colours may vary from illustration.  Each of the main piers comes with holes ready drilled to take the etched brass gantries which travel better if separate.


This is the third in a set of three new piers we have added to our range.  The Hoboken area of New York is across the river from Manhattan Island where the famous luxury liner piers are situated.  See our NY1-NY6 models.  Hoboken is the area where predominantly German and Dutch speaking immigrants settled.  Consequently the main German and Dutch shipping lines built their terminus piers on this side of the river. The Hoboken piers were severely damaged by fire but were rebuilt in similar style to the piers on Manhattan Island.  The piers we have modelled formed a compact group and provide a good way of displaying your German and Dutch liners.


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