• Meridian Trafalgar 1/700 range

    We now have our first three ships available with resin cast hulls :  HMS Victory, Agamemnon and  Royal Sovreign.  This has enabled us to adjust the price of each kit and also re-configure the contents.    Kits for each ship are now priced at £24.00 regardless of whether the hulls are metal or resin; as metal hull stocks reduce they will be replaced with resin models.  Another way of reducing the price of the kits has been to make the etched brass sails an optional extra.  Each kit comes with assembly instructions and sails template.  The brass sails are available in our Components section.

  • Brand new range: Thetis 3000

    We have a brand new range called Thetis 3000.  This is a range of harbour modules cast in resin and offered unpainted in a 1/3000 scale.  This will enable modellers and wargamers to create small bases or larger harbours.  Our modules can be used taped together for temporary harbours in table top games or glued to thick card for more parmanent models.  More models will be added over the next few months, we would welcome your ideas for new modules and will if possible add them to future releases.

  • New items for Triton 1/1250 harbour range

    See our latest items; TB68 – TB72, include a bowstring girder bridge, viaduct, girder span, bowstring girder span and bridge supports.